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Why should you invest 5 hours of your time into the FREE 5-Day CLARIFY YOUR CALLING Challenge?

Because I will show you live + in real time EXACTLY how I use my unique gifts & talents for impact... and how YOU can, too! 


asking you to do anything else by yourself or inviting you to spend any more time trying to figure things out alone

Using a live & real-time coaching client, I will show you how to...

  • Develop YOUR distinct Kingdom offer that is specific to your purpose, your calling, and the specific group of people God wants to reach through you
  • Clarify your message and tailor it to the people God wants to reach through you
  • How to know your super power
  • Move from feeling unsure about your next steps to taking bold, courageous and decisive action
  • Step into your "now" breakthrough as you get deeper levels of revelation about God's heart & will for YOU!


(The Clarify Your Calling Challenge)

July 14th - 19th, 2022

100% live demonstration

Breakthrough through revelation

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Dear Impact-Seeking Kingdom Coach & Consultant, 

Are you sick and tired of trying to figure out how to get YOUR specific message out to the right people and have the impact you want but things are not really working?


Have you invested lots of time listening to one generic training after the other and then trying to apply it to yourself and to the way that it could function best in your business but none of it has ever really taken off? 


You know that you have a specific purpose, calling, and assignment. You know you are meant to be in some form of coaching and / or consulting. You feel called to pursue your calling full-time, and feel called to do what you do in some type of full-time profession. You've probably already invested years doing different things, trying out things, learning, etc. but you're still not having the impact you know you are meant to have. 


You've probably told yourself that you need to be grateful for the (little) progress you're making... "Be grateful for small beginnings..."


I don't believe that is true in your case & situation... 


Rather, I believe that something is getting jammed up at this point.


The models that you have been taught are good and close to what you need, but they aren't REALLY working for you / they don't fit exactly who you are and the impact you want to have.


So, there's nothing wrong with you or what you doing, there's simply something missing!


I love parts of everything I have learned but have been stuck with applying it to me and my unique process and getting myself in front of the right people. Same with you.


The problem that you need solved is - EXACTLY how to get YOUR unique and powerful message and methods out to the right people. And that consists of 3 parts: 

  1. a clear WHAT 
  2. a clear WHO 
  3. a clear HOW


Now, you've probably heard all of this before because this isn't new revelation.


But rather than TELL YOU what you need to do & how to do it (DIY), I am going to SHOW YOU exactly HOW I DO IT - and how you can, too! 


I think there is a small missing piece, a slight adjustment to HOW you have been going about things that will change everything. 


Your HOW is your super power... 


Over the 5 days of the challenge, I will show you specifically what is missing, start connecting the dots specifically in your life and business, help solidify your super power and help you to know how to share it with the world... so that you can start getting clients / paid.


Why am I so passionate about this? 

Because I have spent 12 years doing this on my own. I want to step into your life and eliminate 10 years of thinking you need to make it work yourself because of all the time and effort you have already invested into the process.


There's a lie that we are all prone to believe - a friend of mine likened it to quicksand: "I can / have to / want to do this alone" 


The longer you work at it alone, the more you feel like you have to make it succeed on your own... but I don't want you to get stuck in that mud. Because, just like with quicksand, you will drown!!


I can help you eliminate probably about 10 years of pain & frustration - if you let me!


You really have nothing to lose! It's your call, what are you waiting for?


In your corner,